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After being on DA for five years my profile has finally reached 5 thousand page views! Thanks to all who have stopped by and supported me, I really appreciate all of the input.
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I've revamped my HTTYD fanart, 'Flight,' with some better anatomy and a larger file with a higher resolution. Thanks to all who have commented and favorited, you're the best!
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Lordy, lordy, finals are a kick in the pants. I will be studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh next semester. I'm enrolled in the School of Classics and Archaeology but I will be bringing a sketch book and my colored pencils with me. I'm not sure how much art I'll be churning out but who knows, this might just be the inspiration I need to get out of this funk I've been dragging through for the last however many months.
Yosh, off to work on my Scots.
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I have now dedicated 36 hours to finishing those hand narratives, only stopping to eat and sleep. even though, I admit, not to shower. I am a growdy art hermit, with chaffed elbows and ankles from working on the floor. I feel bad for my room guest, yesterday she realized that I was being anti-social but, bless her heart, she didn't abandon me for college madness parties and instead picked up some oil pastels and spent the last two days drawing a cute, bright pink seal. I love art buddies.
Right, I have now clocked in on 9 hours of work on a project for anatomy class that I'm not even halfway done shading yet. This is actually the most actual hours I have ever worked on any single drawing (except for a mural I painted back in high school-- which I believe is being ripped down this summer when the building is demolished). Who would have thought that a stupid skeleton would be so difficult?! It doesn't help that it is supposed to be EXACTLY half size (prof. is a bit picky) so the initial sketch took a good three hours alone. I'll put it up when it's finished (it's due tomorrow so I'm off to work again).
On a good note, SPRING BREAK is next week. I'm heading off to Santa Fe to eat tamales at the corner grocery store, get terrified by nearby coyotes at night (I'm originally from a very coyote-less island in Washington), and go to Native American museums and art galleries to my heart's content. Go to the Santa Fe area if you never have, in my opinion it's one of the most fascinating places in the United States.
I'm going to start updating with new classwork, more anatomy and figures. My project for the week is to copycat a famous portrait, hand study, and full figure.
I go back to school tomorrow and I just finished watching the "25 years of Nature" (a show that I would beg to stay up until 9 to finish when was small and continued to watch nearly every Sunday until recently). Let's just say that I cried on three seperate occasions -- my mom was sniffling right beside me-- and all I wanted to do was snuggle the dog even though he was having none of it. Thinking back to those college essays, I would have answered that-- if I could have dinner with one person dead or alive-- it would have to be George Page (who hosted Nature for nearly 20 years). Ellen Meloy would be at the table as well, another nature and  wildlife conservationist and an artisit/author who wrote two amazing books (I just finished her book about-- among other things-- big horn sheep, entitled Eating Stone. It just came out in paperback and is totally worth picking up).
I'm crossing my fingers about getting into an art class this semester; I'm on a waiting list. But I'll be making some more copies of 'corvus' for the rare book collection at school (they are paying me for supplies at least), so that'll keep me busy.

Errr, if I wasn't over half-way done with my anthropology major I would totally switch to zoology or animal behavioralist (swapping one underpaid, outdoor oriented job where I have to crawl about looking for grant money for another).
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Hey, I just heard from Zac, the director of the commercial I did the props for that we won the contest! Yes! Thanks to those of you who checked it out and voted, like mangakasagebrush, your support made it possible. Check it out if you have not seen it:…
"The Pretenders" directed by Zachary Miller.

Also, my artist book is almost completed but I haven't added more page because the new deviant art upload system (I hate it) means I have to transfer eveything to my laptop and I've been feelin' lazy.
Hey everyone (meaning the few people who actually know I exist on this community)! You should all check out this contest:…
I am proud to say that I got to work with the very talented Zachary Miller on his commercial 'The Pretenders'. I experienced the much needed ego boost of being called 'art director' by painting the two (just in case one got wrecked) cardboard Jeep Compasses (with the help of my wonderful assistant Camille). You should all vote for it, as it is amazing. Voting daily would also be awesome, because if we win I get paid!

Watch it, vote for it, go ripping around a dusty corner.
I'm still slightly in mourning for the loss of my old artist book idea. But, after spending 6+ hours on ONE drawing I realized there was no way to go about it the way I was. I'll put up the one illustration I managed to finish in a bit. The crows are giving me time to test run my photoshop, though, and I have to admit they are starting to grow on me. Inspiration came to me in the form of the butcher paper cut out crows i did for the Halloween decorations for my dorm door. I'm still attempting to figure out how to layout an actual book page so any comments or ideas on the few that I'll be putting up until the project is done would be much appreciated. I think I just need to look through some to get ideas... too bad the exhibition we've been setting up with them for the last month will open Saturday and I'll only be able to get my hands on the ones not locked in the cases.

On another note: Halloween soon!
I'm going to dress up as a glove compartment.
Today in my Pre-Columbian art of Meosamerica class we watched a movie since the midterm was the previous class (I, for the first time in my life, mixed up the days and thought it was today and sat down on Tuesday all set to review and my prof. went "I'll hand out the midterm now" and I was like "EEEEEP!" I think I did okay, though). Right, but back to the movie. It was an amazing animated version of the Quiche Mayan creation myth, the Popol Vuh. All of the animation was based off of real Mayan paintings, which have such a creative style. I was trying to contain my dorking and was failed miserably. The grad student next to me probably thought my smirk and bulgy eyes were a sign of constipation. Oh well. Now I'm trying to find the images that the animators used on the internet and not having much luck. I think I'm just going to out and buy a bunch of books even though I have absolutly no more room in my bookshelf for them.
Right, I'm starting to begin research for an artist book I'm doing for a class. The idea is a 'magic school bus-style' adventure of a little girl through night and day. I need any rather random/cool facts about night and day (such as "Snowy Owls are diurnal") that would be interesting to the 8-12 age group. As soon as I start working on the artwork I'll put it up.
I'm back at school and classes (including two art classes) start tomorrow. I have a ton of unfinished projects that I've got to get my rear in gear and finish. Start expecting new stuff within the next few weeks.